Business growth

Our business is poised for growth with significant opportunities.

Increasing consumption

Overall consumption of sparkling soft drinks in our territory is 129 servings per person – less than half the European average and a fraction of the consumption in the United States. We believe that there is ample room for growth in our territory as the emerging markets, where we sell 50 percent of our volume, develop.

In addition, countries such as Italy and Greece, where consumption per person used to be 25 percent and 47 percent higher, respectively, prior to the Eurozone crisis, should not be underestimated. As the general macroeconomic conditions improve, we expect these markets to return to pre-crisis consumption levels.

2015 total sparkling category servings per capita, demonstrating the potential for consumption growth in our markets (dark grey and red)

Taking full advantage of the breadth of our portfolio

We have broadened our product portfolio since 2001, increasing the contribution of still drinks from 10 percent in 2001 to 31 percent in 2015.

In the medium term, sparkling soft drinks will continue to contribute most of the incremental cases to our business. But we have more to look forward to. Our diverse portfolio of sparkling soft drinks, water, juice, ready-to-drink tea and energy drinks gives us the drivers to win in the overall NARTD (non-alcoholic ready-to-drink) category. 

Infographic detailing how the portfolio split has changed over the years
Portfolio evolution 2001-2015

Winning share

We are number 1 in volume share in sparkling beverages in 22 of 24 measured markets. This gives us a solid foundation to build upon. In our markets, our second biggest competitor is less than half our size, leaving 37 percent to private label and B-brands. This means further growth potential as consumers switch from local brands and home-mixed drinks to our branded goods.

  • 43% Coca‑Cola HBC sparkling share in footprint
  • 20% major competitor share
  • 37% private label and B-brands share