I stay at Coca‑Cola HBC because of the innovations we’re involved in. We have the chance to innovate in our business every year as there are always new things we want to launch in the market and improve.

Another thing is the chance to grow. At CCHBC I can grow and achieve my best. My biggest growth experience was the chance to have one of the largest customers in Switzerland in my portfolio. The growth of responsibility led to personal growth.

The approachability of the senior leadership team is what makes CCHBC special. If we need to discuss something, the door is open. We move in the right direction because of the alignment with the senior leadership team. There isn’t any ambiguity. Our leaders give us guidance and direction, but then we have the freedom to choose the way to reach these goals.


Manuela Kirn
What I love most about my job is my team. We have great professional friendships here and are like a family. Manuela Kirn, Head of Channel Marketing, Switzerland

As with all good families, you have better moments when everyone agrees but you also have the freedom to disagree. We always try to find the right balance and make the best decision for the company and the customers.

In Switzerland, where I’m based, being the industry leader in sustainability is very important. All the customers have sustainability approach and are looking for brand leaders who do the same. It starts with our supply chain and having our production line using less resources, energy and water. Valser, our water brand, will be the first to be CO2 neutral. That’s a great achievement and quite an important thing in Switzerland. We’re looking at every area to be more sustainable and we try to get better every year.

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