Our 2015 Integrated Annual Report sets out how we refreshed our business across different markets and returned to growth while maintaining our commitment to sustainability throughout our activities.

2015 has been an important year for us. We are pleased to have achieved strong results, with volume growth and a significant improvement in margins. We have proven that we are resilient when operating in difficult markets and demonstrated good progress across all our operations. We launched a number of initiatives and adapted the way we operate to create a leaner and a more efficient business.

Dimitris Lois, CEO Coca-Cola HBC
Execution focus delivers strong volume growth and margin expansion. Dimitris Lois, Chief Executive Officer
Coca-Cola HBC Chairman of the Board Anastassis G David seated
The Board’s principal focus during the year continued to be on the execution of our strategy, our strategic alignment with The Coca Cola Company, the development of our talent, the composition and effectiveness of the Board and the management of risks related to the external environment in our markets. Anastassis G David, Chairman of the Board

Read the Corporate Governance report letter (PDF 180kb)

Coca-Cola HBC delivery truck passing Moscow Red Square

Market review

We are seeing the post-crisis economic environment impacting consumer habits and the competitive landscape. To address changing conditions, we are adapting our business model and offering to grow value jointly with our customers and consumers, capitalising on opportunities. By navigating economic challenges, evolving consumer preferences and shifting market conditions, we demonstrate our customer and consumer focus as well as our business agility. Read the Market review extract from our Integrated Annual Report (PDF 719kb).

Extract of the strategic pillars report chart for the Integrated Annual Report

Strategy and KPIs

Our vision is to be the undisputed beverage leader in every market in which we operate. We focus on four strategic pillars – Community Trust, Consumer Relevance, Customer Preference and Cost Leadership – that encompass the key areas of our business. To measure performance we work towards four strategic targets: win in the marketplace, grow value ahead of volume, focus on cost and generate key cash flow. And two enablers support our business and ensure its success in the longer term: our people and our culture. Read the Strategy and KPIs extract from our Integrated Annual Report (PDF 931kb).

Coca-Cola HBC employees carrying out quality checks

Business resilience

Our business resilience approach supports growth while protecting our business. We believe enterprise risk management is as much about recognising and leveraging opportunities as about mitigating risks. As we continue to operate in an environment that is shaped by uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and volatility, we have adopted a combination of proactive and responsive strategies to address these challenges and solidify our competitive advantage. Read the Business Resilience extract from our Integrated Annual Report (PDF 258kb).

Coca-Cola HBC Direct and Indirect Economic Impacts report

Our material issues

Our prioritised list of material issues is linked to the pillars of our strategic framework and helps guide decisions regarding the execution of our business strategy. We define material issues as those we believe are likely to influence our ability to create value for our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we operate. Material issues may have direct impacts, such as economic conditions, or indirect impacts, such as issues that affect our reputation or stakeholder trust. Read the Material issues extract from our Integrated Annual Report (PDF 258kb).

Michalis Imellos, CFO of Coca-Cola HBC
Improved financial performance reflects disciplined focus on managing costs and risks. Michalis Imellos, Chief Financial Officer
Key highlights from the Coca-Cola HBC Integrated Annual Report 2015