Historical acquisitions

We have spent approximately €1.5bn since 2000 to expand our business, primarily in the Juice and Water categories.

Country  Acquisition Year CCHBC / JV with TCCC
Italy Acquisition of Lurisia, a premium natural mineral water and adult sparkling beverages business 2019 JV with TCCC
Serbia Acquisition of Bambi, Serbia’s leading confectionery brand 2019 CCHBC
Lithuania Water acquisition: Neptūno Vandenys, UAB (“Neptunas”) 2016 JV with TCCC
Belarus Juice acquisition: Vlanpack 2011 JV with TCCC
Serbia Minority buy-out: CCHBC Serbia 2011 CCHBC
FYROM Minority buy-out: Pivara Skopje 2011 CCHBC
Nigeria Minority buy-out: Nigerian Bottling Co. 2011 CCHBC
Italy Territory expansion: Socib S.p.A., formerly Italy's largest Coca‑Cola franchise bottler 2008 CCHBC
Russia Production facility acquisition: Acquavision 2007 CCHBC
Hungary Acquisition of Yoppi Kft., a hot and cold beverage vending operator 2006 CCHBC
Italy Water acquisition: Fonti del Vulture S.r.l. 2006 JV with TCCC
Serbia Juice acquisition: Fresh & Co d.o.o. Group 2006 JV with TCCC
Cyprus Acquisition and territory expansion: Lanitis Bros Public Limited 2005 CCHBC
Serbia Water acquisition: Vlasinka d.o.o. 2005 JV with TCCC
Ireland Acquisition: Vendit Ltd, one of the largest independent vending operators 2005 CCHBC
Bulgaria Water acquisition: Bankya Mineral Waters Bottling Company E.O.O.D. 2005 JV with TCCC
Russia Juice acquisition: Multon Z.A.O Group 2005 JV with TCCC
Croatia Water acquisition: Gotalka d.o.o. 2004 JV with TCCC
Greece Acquisition: potato chip company Tsakiris S.A. 2003 CCHBC
Austria Water acquisition: Romerquelle 2003 CCHBC
Poland Water acquisition: Multivita sp. zo.o. 2003 JV with TCCC
Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia Acquisition: all bottling operations 2002 CCHBC
Romania Water acquisition: Dorna Apemin SA 2002 JV with TCCC
Switzerland Water acquisition: Valser Mineralquellen AG 2002 JV with TCCC
Russia Acquisition of TCCC territories, yielding full control of Coca‑Cola bottling operations 2001 CCHBC


JV = Joint Venture

TCCC = The Coca‑Cola Company

CCHBC = Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company