Drive growth

Our business is poised for growth with significant opportunities.

Diverse and balanced portfolio of markets and products

Our footprint is unique amongst bottlers in that we operate across 28 countries in three distinct segments, giving us exposure to very different consumption habits. We think the favourable characteristics of our unique geographic spread underpin our growth prospects.

More than 50 percent of our volumes are in emerging markets with high growth potential. We have also built market leadership in nearly all of our countries.

While sparkling beverages account for 69 percent of our portfolio, our still portfolio has grown substantially over the last two decades from 10 percent to 31 percent of volumes. This is the highest proportion of still drinks of all the large bottlers. Not only does this give us diversification balance but ultimately, it allows us to capitalise on consumer trends.


Potential for consumer penetration

Per capita consumption chart

Overall per capita consumption of sparkling beverages across our footprint is well below the European average. That is true even in our Established market segment which includes several Western European countries. The countries in our established market segment were particularly impacted by the financial crisis and remain well below their 2008 levels, presenting a significant opportunity for profitable growth.

The Emerging market segment, where sparkling beverages are typically in nascent stages of growth, has significant growth potential.

We would count Russia, Nigeria, Italy, Romania and Ukraine amongst our countries with the greatest potential for per capita consumption growth.

Growth through share gains

Growth through share gains

We have worked hard with our consumers and customers to build market leadership. Our average share of 40 percent is over double the average share of our major competitors. There are certain countries where we are below our average, like Russia, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, and these offer significant market share potential.

Beyond our largest competitor, a big slice of the market is occupied by B-brands from which we have consistently taken share over the years and against which we feel confident in competing.