Zug, Switzerland – 24 June 2015 – Coca‑Cola HBC AG ("Coca‑Cola HBC" or the “Company”) announces today that Mrs. Olusola (Sola) David-Borha and Mrs. Alexandra Papalexopoulou were elected as non-executive members of the Board of Directors of Coca‑Cola HBC (the "Board") by the Company’s annual general meeting held on 23 June 2015 (the "AGM"), following the retirement from the Board of Mrs. Susan Kilsby and Mr. Christos Ioannou.

The AGM further elected Mrs. Papalexopoulou to the Company’s Remuneration Committee.

Following the AGM, the Board has appointed Mrs. David-Borha as a member of the Audit Committee and Mrs. Papalexopoulou as a member of the Nomination Committee of Coca‑Cola HBC, with effect from 24 June 2015. On the same date, Mr. Anastassis David and Mr. José Octavio Reyes retired from the Company’s Nomination Committee and the members of the Nomination Committee are Sir Michael-Llewellyn-Smith (Chairman), Mr. Antonio D’ Amato and Mrs. Alexandra Papalexopoulou.

The Board has also determined that Mrs. David-Borha and Mrs Papalexopoulou are independent in character and judgment. Consequently, the Board considers Mrs. David-Borha and Mrs Papalexopoulou to be independent for purposes of the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Aside from the information set out above, no further information is required to be disclosed pursuant to the UK Financial Conduct Authority's Listing Rule 9.6.13 and none of the new non-executive directors hold any interests in the shares of Coca‑Cola HBC.

This announcement is made pursuant to Listing Rule 9.6.11.