Maroussi, Greece – 18 November 2010 - Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. ("Coca‑Cola Hellenic", the "Company"), makes this announcement in connection with the exercise in November of 2010 of stock options by employees of the Company and its affiliated companies, pursuant to stock option plans approved by the General Meetings of the Company. The announcement contains the exercise prices and the number of shares that were granted and will be listed on the Athens Exchange upon application by the Company.

1. The offering was made to 74 employees of the Group (55 of which are former employees or employees of the Company’s foreign affiliates). Out of those employees, 12 persons (out of which 11 are former employees or employees of the Company’s foreign affiliates) exercised stock options by written notice to the Company’s Board of Directors. The offering was made with respect to an aggregate of 3,582,523 new ordinary shares of the Company, of a nominal value of EUR 0.50 each, out of which 169,648 options were actually exercised and an equal number of shares were issued.

2. Τhe total number of stock options that have been granted by the Board of Directors to this date, as authorised by the General Meeting of shareholders, amounts to 16,881,611. Out of these options, 6,826,843 are currently in force (i.e. they have neither been exercised nor forfeited), of which 3,412,875 options have already vested and the others will vest in stages until March 17, 2020.

3. The exercise price of the new shares is as follows

Number of plan Date of approval by the General Meeting Date of approval by the Board of Directors Exercise price in EUR before the issuance of bonus shares* Exercise price in EUR after the bonus issuance and before the adjustment for capital return* Adjusted exercise price in EUR following the capital return* Options exercised / Shares granted Amount in Euros
1. 22.11.2001 13.12.2001 14.68 9.79 8.29 20,100 166,629
2. 22.11.2001 13.12.2001 12.08 8.05 6.55 0 0.00
3. 22.11.2001 13.12.2001 14.53 9.69 8.19 76,300 624,897
4. 06.06.2003 23.06.2003 12.95 8.63 7.13 16,500 117,645
5. 06.06.2003 15.12.2003 16.76** 11.17 9.67 19,000 183,730
6. 06.06.2003 03.12.2004 18.63** 12.42 10.92 4,750 51,870
7. 17.06.2005 02.12.2005 23.30** 15.53 14.03 5,500 77,165
8. 17.06.2005 21.03.2006 24.85** 16.57 15.07 0 0.00
9. 17.06.2005 23.06.2006 23.02** 15.35 13.85 15,000 207,750
10. 17.06.2005 13.12.2006 28.06** 18.71 17.21 12,498 215,090.58
11. 17.06.2005 13.12.2007 - 28.75** 27.25 0 0.00
12. 17.06.2005 20.06.2008 - 24.54** 23.04 0 0.00
13. 17.06.2005 11.12.2008 - 11.36** 9.86 0 0.00
14. 18.06.2009 10.12.2009 - - 16.54*** 0 0.00
15. 18.06.2009 18.3.2010 - - 20.00*** 0 0.00


          169,648 1,644,776.58


(*) The exercise price per share in relation to the Company’s Stock Option Plans, as this was initially determined by decisions of the General Meetings of the Company dated 22.11.2001, 06.06.2003 and 17.06.2005 respectively, and subsequently adjusted as a consequence of the decision of the General Meeting dated 15.10.2007 to issue bonus shares. The exercise price per share in relation to the Company’s Stock Option Plans adjusted further as a consequence of the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting dated 16.10.2009 to return capital to it’s shareholders.

(**) Denotes that such exercise price was calculated as the average of the Company's share price at close of trading on the Athens Exchange over the last ten (10) business days prior to the relevant decision of the Board of Directors that granted the options.

(***) Denotes that such exercise price was equal to the closing price of the Company’s share on the Athens Exchange on the Grant Date.

4. The payment of the share capital increase of the Company was completed on 1st November 2010 and was certified by virtue of a decision of the Company’s Board of Directors dated 2nd November 2010. The Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness proceeded, to the registration of the share capital increase and the certification of its payment with the Companies Registry (Decision number K2-10351/16-11-2010).

5. The share capital of the Company was increased by EUR 84,824 whereas the share premium account was increased by EUR 1,559,952.58. As a result, the share capital of the Company amounts to EUR 183,068,220 and is divided into 366,136,440 ordinary shares of a nominal value of EUR 0.50 each.

6. The Company will proceed to all necessary actions required by law in order to effect the listing of the new shares on the Athens Exchange.

The person responsible for the accuracy of the information related to the Stock Option Plan is Mrs. Sarah Robinson, Group Rewards Director, tel.: . Interested parties may obtain a copy of this document from the Company's registered seat (9 Fragoklissias Street, Maroussi) and in electronic form from the Company’s website (, as well as on the website of the Athens Exchange Further information may be obtained from Mr. Vassilis Fragoulis, Group Compensation and Benefits Manager, tel.:.

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