Marketing and merchandising

We develop strong customer relationships by focusing on excellent execution of marketing promotions and merchandising at the point of sale.

We make sure we execute our marketing promotions and point-of-sale merchandising to the highest standards by carrying out regular customer satisfaction surveys and by developing innovative materials for retail sales activation, including new racks, point-of-sale visuals and sales aids for our customers.

To better understand unique shoppers and purchase occasions in different trade channels, we conduct market analyses. We then use this information to develop al our soft drinks categories at every point of sale.

Finally, we also work closely with The Coca‑Cola Company to develop annual sales, promotions and marketing plans for each of our established, developing and emerging countries.


We sponsor significant sporting, cultural and community activities across all of our countries in partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company, a major supporter of important international events and programmes. We seek to integrate consumer marketing and sponsorship activities with our retail promotions. In conjunction with the Coca‑Cola Company's global sponsorship of the Olympic Games, which dates back to 1928, we engage in a range of promotions.

The Coca‑Cola Company’s association with international sporting events such as the Olympics and the football European and World Cups also helps us to realise significant benefits from unique marketing opportunities at some of the largest and most prestigious sporting events in the world.

Our partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company goes beyond sports to include other very popular sponsorship-related marketing initiatives. These sponsorships complement our local initiatives, which involve active participation in a broad range of events, from musical and entertainment promotions to cultural and festive occasions, including a wide variety of national celebrations.