When 100,000 ‘hearts’ are given to our premature babies story on Facebook, Dorna, our natural mineral water brand in Romania, will donate incubators to maternity units through Save the Children Romania.

“I never think about what I am feeling when a baby is born. I just think I must help. Nobody is prepared for giving birth to a premature baby. It’s a tough moment for parents. So, we stand by their side all the time. All mothers feel guilty; they need to be comforted and supported by their families and friends. The development of premature babies is very good, due to parents’ involvement and their strong desire for their babies’ health. Of course, there are cases that touch our souls deeply.”

Dr Ioana Roșca, Chief of Neonatology Section in a Bucharest maternity hospital

In Romania, one in ten babies is born prematurely

Along with the strong, positive energy of parents and doctors, premature babies also need special medical equipment that will provide vital support in their fight for life.

For the fifth year in a row, Dorna, together with the NGO Save the Children Romania, is supporting their fight by providing Romanian maternity units with much-needed equipment that can mean the difference between life and death. 

Stay in your Heart campaign poster from Dorna and Save the Children Romania

Stay in their heart forever!

For eight weeks from 16 February, Romanians have been invited to symbolically support premature babies through a Facebook campaign called “Stay in their heart forever!” from the charity initiative Care for Children. 

The concept came from the idea that, when you stand by someone in hard times, you stay in their heart forever. People were asked to show their support by reacting to the campaign’s Facebook posts with heart emoticons.

It’s important to bring about sustainable change in the community; it’s essential that we get involved, to really support the causes we believe in. We are extremely happy with the difference we’ve made over the five years Care for Children has been running and we are confident in the results it can bring in the future. Anca Năstase, Senior Brand Manager Still Drinks Romania and Moldova at The Coca‑Cola Company
Simona Halep makes a heart to support premature babies
Simona Halep, our ambassador for the Care for Children initiative. Since 2013, 40 maternity units have received life-saving equipment for premature babies worth 500,000 EUR.

World-renowned Romanian tennis player Simona Halep is the ambassador for our work supporting premature babies. She’s been part of our efforts in fighting for premature babies since 2015.

As a professional athlete I know how important the support you receive is and simple gestures are the ones that count the most, they encourage you to go on. I hope that we gather many, many hearts and numerous Romanians will join the cause. Simona Halep, our ambassador for the Care for Children initiative

Premature birth prevents the baby from developing fully in the womb. The most common consequences are a low birth weight and an increased risk of developing further medical conditions, including respiratory, digestive and ophthalmologic infections. In these cases, special care equipment saves lives. 

In Romania, one in ten babies is premature and needs special attention and care from the very first minutes of life (data from the Health Ministry, 2011, via the Alfred Rusescu Institute for Mother and Child).

‘Stay in their heart forever’ is important for each one of us, because we strongly believe that any little gesture means a lot. Anyone of us can become an ambassador for premature born babies and can help so much simply by promoting the cause” says Anca Năstase, Senior Brand Manager Still Drinks Romania and Moldova at The Coca‑Cola Company.