Excitement, dedication and mobilisation of students, teachers and parents turned the Community Wellbeing Programme of Coca‑Cola HBC Greece “The School You Want” into a true celebration of their own!

“The first day of school can evoke mixed emotions. Happiness, but also –  anticipation, anxiety, fear…I never really enjoyed it! But this year was different. For me, my classmates and all the students of the 14th High School of Thessaloniki there was only one sentiment – excitement!” claimed Sofia, before the start of school on the morning of Monday, September 11th.


For the first time, students, teachers and parents would see their newly renovated school that they have managed to bring to the top of the voting list for the Community Wellbeing Programme ‘The School You Want’ of Coca‑Cola HBC in Greece.


This year was marked by many ‘firsts’ for the programme, which has been implemented since 2012, and since then, has renovated 14 schools in the town of Thessaloniki.


This is the first year that:

  • More than 20 schools participated
  • The programme achieved triple participation
  • Coca‑Cola HBC in Greece decided to renovate 2 schools instead of 1, as both the 14th High School
  • 87th Elementary School of Thessaloniki managed to collect 24K votes each



All thanks to the parents, students and teachers who turned this year’s voting process into a true celebration for the whole town of Thessaloniki. Students rushed out onto the streets campaigning and singing, stopping passer-bys and asking them to vote for their school.


“I’m not a great singer”, said Sofia, “but I became one for my school, and it was so much fun!”


Each school had to collect as many online votes as they could through the company’s corporate website and the programme’s Facebook application, so students were carrying their mobile phones and tablets with them everywhere which meant that potential voters could vote directly.


The mobile campaign attracted so much attention that local media reported that the ‘Pokémon Go’ trend was back! Parents would follow, supporting them in any way they could to spread the message around Greece.


Giorgos Skiadaresis, chairman of the Parent’s Association in 87th Elementary School of Thessaloniki said, “It’s truly moving to see parents volunteering for a better future for their children. But it’s not about winning, it’s about noble competition. This summer will always remind us that, united, we can achieve anything!”


“This summer will be one to remember for us all”, confirmed Sofia, “It’s the summer that taught us that anything is possible, that you need to set a goal and do everything in your power to achieve it, and that you need to step out of you comfort zone for a miracle to happen.”


“And one more thing” she added, “Our parents like to say that it’s the journey and not the destination that matters. Before, I couldn’t really grasp what they meant. Now I do!”

A close up on a few students participating in a YE event in Bosnia, Thessaloniki