We promote a healthy lifestyle, organising and supporting sporting events and activities wherever we operate.

We’re passionate about encouraging healthy lifestyles and look to foster wellbeing in people of all ages.

Across the 28 countries in which we operate, we coordinate a variety of active lifestyle programmes across schools and communities, fundamentally changing lives for the better.

In line with our 2020 Play to Win strategic framework, this commitment to encouraging physical activity and healthy living is expanding into wider social contexts. Promoting healthy lifestyles starts within the community. With this in mind, we organise grassroots football training and tournaments; these are often the largest sports events in the area.

As well as promoting physical activity and exercise, we work with many government authorities and nutrition experts to support nutritional education to improve children's eating habits. The earlier communities learn to develop healthy habits, the greater the impact of our efforts.

By 2015, more than three million people across 28 countries had taken part in physical exercise at one of more than 500 events hosted or organised by Coca‑Cola. In 2014 alone, more than 1.6 million people participated in our active lifestyle programmes. These activities spark grassroots action, encouraging people from all backgrounds and cultures to adopt active lifestyles.

  • 1.6m people took part in our active lifestyle programmes in 2014
  • 500 events hosted or organised by Coca‑Cola