Christmas is a special time at Coca‑Cola - and we want to make it special for others too!

December 2015 was the third Christmas in a row where we at Coca‑Cola HBC Italy got together with our national customer, Autogrill, to raise funds for the Italian Red Cross.

How it worked was simple: choose a Menu Perfetto at a Acafé or Spizzico restaurant and, for every menu sold, part of the income would go to the campaign – meaning people could donate at no additional cost to them.

What were we raising money for?

The Italian Red Cross has many programmes but, with this campaign, we were raising money for a new project specifically designed for this initiative.

All the money donated by Fondazione Coca‑Cola HBC Italia to the Italian Red Cross will be used to provide grants to families in need so that children can get involved in sport - for free.

Coca-Cola HBC Italia, Italian Red Cross and Autogrill logos

Our Christmas campaign with Autogrill raised €65,000 for the Italian Red Cross. The donation will help children from families in need to get involved with sport.

And if that doesn’t sound festive enough...

We also wanted to spread the festive spirit online so we developed an app, Red Break, to send season’s greetings from Coca‑Cola.

People who bought a Menu Perfetto found themselves in Santa’s good books and received a code to unlock the app’s special features, such as the ability to choose templates to personalise with their own photos.

And there’s more...

People here in Coca‑Cola HBC Italy got into the Christmas spirit and wanted to take part too.

A special Coca‑Cola market toured all four of our Italian plants before ending up at our Milan headquarters, donating all proceeds to the Italian Red Cross project.

Bringing Christmas cheer

The final donation Fondazione Coca‑Cola HBC Italia made to the Italian Red Cross came to more than €65,000.

This is our Christmas gift to children of families in need who will now have the opportunity to get involved sport and live an active lifestyle!