We are very proud to have been recognised as the most responsible company in Romania.

Sustainability is important for our company and for our people. It's in our DNA.  

We take sustainability to the next level by setting new standards. We believe in being responsible and acting in a sustainable way in all the communities in which we are present – with our employees, our partners and, of course, the people who buy our products.

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania invests talent, time and resources in designing and implementing projects that create value and enrich the lives of the communities of which we are part. So we are proud that our team in Romania has been recognised as the most responsible company in the country, with a score of 87.14 percent in the Romania CSR Index 2015.

It's a reward for our efforts to deliver good, stable results and positive change.

Romania CSR index 2015 logo
Coca‑Cola HBC Romania has made significant efforts in achieving remarkable results in the sustainability area. We think of ourselves as a business of tomorrow. Therefore, our efforts in developing sustainability solutions for future generations are a crucial part of our business. It’s much more than talking about sustainability building a better world – it’s what we believe in. Irina Ionescu, Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

The fact that we are recognised as the most responsible company in the Romanian market is even more impressive because the analysis considered the most complex reporting tools for CSR available worldwide: the European Directive 2014/95, the GRI G4 Reporting Standard and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


  • 87.14% our score in the Romania CSR Index 2015

The Romania CSR Index 2015 took into consideration 36 indicators, split into nine categories: corporate governance and transparency, diversity, economic impact, environment, human rights and anti-bribery policies, employees, consumers, community & charity and value chain.