A programme for the whole community that’s making a significant difference to the lives of Greek students

Our ‘The school you want’ programme, launched in 2012, covers the costs of repairing and renovating school buildings. It's touching the lives of not just students but parents, teachers, local authorities and the general public too.

The programme came from our recognition that the educational infrastructure in the local communities in which we operate needed to improve. We want to inspire our people and help them grow in a healthy and creative environment.

We’ve worked successfully with the municipal authorities in Athens and Thessaloniki to implement the programme. 

Before and after shots of The school that you want, Athens
We invested more than €100,000 in renovating the 17th Gymnasium-Lyceum in Athens during 2015

By February 2016, we had invested more than €1m and renovated 12 schools in the two cities. As a result, more than 4,200 students are enjoying a new, improved and friendlier school environment. 600,000 stakeholders have heard about the programme, with 102,000 people voting for the school they wanted to be renovated.

The programme received the Bronze Award at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2015. It’s proved popular with both public and local authorities, as it makes a lasting difference to people’s lives.

  • 12 schools renovated
  • €1m invested so far
  • 4,200 students enjoying a better school environment