Our products can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


Obesity has turned into a significant threat for health. It is primarily the result of energy imbalance. The most effective way to manage body weight is to balance the amount of energy (calories) consumed with the amount expended through physical activity and healthy living.

Within this context, The Coca‑Cola Company announced a series of commitments in 2013 that our global business system will seek to achieve by 2020. These cover

In March 2017, The Coca‑Cola Company joined six leading food and drink manufacturers in backing a standardised nutrition labelling scheme for Europe, based on the colour coded system used in Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

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Supporting our employees

As part of our responsibility towards the health and wellness of our employees, we provide them with medical check-ups, gym memberships and participation in company’s and community sport and healthy living programmes.

Patrick Bossart, Coca-Cola HBC brand ambassador
Last winter, at a ski lodge in Davos, I met a fellow skier and when I told him that I work for Coca‑Cola he mentioned the high sugar content and the negative impact on body weight. I told him that body weight is all about energy balance – total calorie intake and total calories burnt through exercise. Since I couldn’t persuade him to burn any more calories with another descent, I treated him to a Coke Zero. And he enjoyed it – with a clear conscience. Patrick Bossart, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland