The results of 2016’s Latvian Sustainability Index, the annual evaluation of corporate responsibility in Latvia, have been announced, with Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia achieving the Gold standard for the first time.

We are greatly encouraged by being awarded Gold in this year’s Index. By embedding CSR into the core of our business, we seek to not only make our business sustainable but also contribute to the sustainability of the communities we serve. It is our hope that our efforts, as well as those of all who participated in this year’s CSR Index, will help to inspire others throughout Latvia to incorporate social responsibility in their businesses and operations. Konstantin Choukchoukov, General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Baltics

The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool, based on an internationally recognised methodology, that helps Latvian companies to assess the level of sustainability and corporate responsibility of their operations in five areas – strategy, market relations, working environment, environment and community.

The results also provide a set of objective criteria for public and non-governmental organisations to evaluate and support the companies which will help to strengthen the Latvian economy in the long term.

This was the seventh annual Index. The initiative is led by the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility and its partners – the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.

Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia: a family-friendly company

In June 2016, the Ministry of Welfare and Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Institute in Latvia certified Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia as a family-friendly company – a company with policies and services that support families with children.


Coca-Cola HBC Latvia is recognised as a family-friendly company

The assessment was based on the Sustainability Index survey which included an evaluation of the implementation of family-friendly policies in companies, including activities devoted to children and families and the company’s focus on an effective work-life balance.