We have a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca‑Cola in 1886 to being recognised as an industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices today.

Display of all historic Coca-Cola bottles

Early years: 1886-1899

  • Coca‑Cola is created by John S Pemberton in 1886 and served at Jacob’s Pharmacy
  • By 1895, Coca‑Cola is sold and consumed in every state in the US
  • In 1899 the rights to bottle Coca‑Cola are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F Thomas and Joseph B Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee for $1
Nigerian Bottling Company premises


  • AG Leventis establishes the Nigerian Bottling Company in 1951
  • Hellenic Bottling Company SA is incorporated in Greece in 1969
  • 1981 sees Kar-Tess Holding SA, a private holding company, acquire a 99.9 percent interest in Hellenic Bottling Company SA
  • In 1991, Hellenic Bottling Company SA shares are listed on the Athens Exchange
Coca-Cola Hellenic Passion for Excellence logo

Coca‑Cola HBC is formed

In 2000, Hellenic Bottling Company SA acquires Coca‑Cola Beverages Ltd to form Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA

Coca-Cola HBC bottling plant, Greece


  • We acquire the remaining Russian Coca‑Cola operations
  • Our first bottling operation is certified to ISO 14001; we commit to certify all operations
FTSE4Good logo


  • Coca‑Cola HBC is listed on the NYSE through a sponsored ADR programme
  • We acquire mineral water companies Valser in Switzerland and Dorna Apemin in Romania
  • We acquire bottling operations in the Baltics
  • Our FTSE4Good listing is confirmed against stricter social and environmental criteria


Romerquelle emotion packet


  • Our first country operations are certified to OHSAS 18001; we commit to certifying all our operations
  • We acquire the water companies Multivita in Poland and Römerquelle in Austria
Coca-Cola HBC HIV AIDS policy


  • Our first CSR policies are ratified for Human rights, Equality of opportunity, HIV/Aids, Health & Safety, Environment and Quality
  • We publish the first GRI report in the non-alcoholic beverage industry
Coca-Cola HBC combined heat and power (CHP) plant, Hungary


  • We acquire the mineral water companies Vlasinka in Serbia and Bankya in Bulgaria, as well as fruit juice company Multon in Russia
  • Coca‑Cola HBC opens its first Combined Heat and Power plant in Hungary
Close up of a bottle of Sprite


  • We acquire juice company, Fresh & Co in Serbia, beverage and dairy company, Lanitis in Cyprus and mineral water company, Fonti del Vulture in Italy
  • We launch front-of-pack nutritional labelling in our EU companies
Water bottle filling line


  • We open the first industry-owned PET-to-PET recycling plant in Europe
  • Our first country operations are certified to ISO 22000; we commit to certify all our operations
coca-cola hbc stakeholder forum attendee whiteboarding


  • Coca‑Cola HBC is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the first time
  • We acquire the Southern Italy Coca‑Cola bottling operations, Socib
  • We launch our external stakeholder panel
  • We commit to rolling out further Combined Heat and Power plants which will reduce the CO2 from our bottling operations by more than 20 percent
Coca-Cola HBC combined heat and power (CHP) plant, Romania


  • Coca‑Cola HBC delists from the Australian Stock Exchange
  • We open a Combined Heat and Power plant in Romania
Outdoor group shot of Coca-Cola employees


  • Our new anti-corruption training is rolled out across all our operations
  • We receive employer of choice awards in 16 countries
125 years of Coca-Cola graphic

125 years of Coca‑Cola

In 2011, Coca‑Cola celebrates 125 years of refreshing the world

Coca-Cola HBC waste water treatment plant


  • We complete construction of wastewater treatment plants, ensuring that 100 percent of our wastewater is treated
  • All our plants are certified to ISO 9001
Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG building


  • Coca‑Cola HBC lists among the top three most sustainable Food & Beverage companies according to the FTSE Group, based on environmental, social and governance criteria
  • We announce the redomiciliation of our holding company to Switzerland and our intention to list on the London Stock Exchange

Dow Jones Sustainability Indicies logo


  • Coca‑Cola HBC achieves a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange 
  • We complete a share exchange offer
  • We're listed first in Europe and second in the world among beverage companies, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices