We offer a range of water brands to provide additional choice for consumers.

Water is vital for the health of us all. It’s a safe and enjoyable way of getting the refreshment and hydration we need to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

Our range of high-quality, pleasantly flavoured waters means that everyone can find a brand that both suits their lifestyle and contributes to their wellbeing.

  • 18% water contribution to our portfolio


The water brands in our product portfolio include:

  • Natural mineral water, sourced from underground springs, which is pure and does not require treatment
  • Spring water, sourced from natural springs, which may have varying levels of mineral content
  • Processed water, which undergoes filtering and purification treatments before being bottled

All of our waters are fully compliant with EU regulations, or with local regulations where EU regulations are not applicable. 

Over recent years, we’ve acquired a number of leading natural mineral water brands. At the same time, we’ve been broadening the range of flavours and tastes we provide in our water products to give people even more choice. Among the more than 30 water brands we offer, there are waters that are flavoured with fruits, berries and herbal extracts, supplemented with vitamins and made lively through varying degrees of carbonation.

Twist bottle innovation poster
The innovative Twist bottle

Sustainability innovations in our water business

We've developed the superlight Twist bottle in Greece, which contains 22 percent less plastic. We've also introduced PlantbottleTM recyclable packaging which, as the name suggests, is partly made of plants.