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What you’ll experience

Surrounded by top leaders and brands, exposed to best FMCG practices, it´s your call to take charge and shape your role: make an impact on our business, your team, yourself and the community. Tailored development plans and programs, important business projects and access to global Coca‑Cola System knowledge will stretch you to improve constantly. But creating a high engagement and achievement in your diverse team, writing success stories together, will make you proud of who you have become thanks to them.

What makes you a successful leader?

You’re devoted and passionate about empowering your teams to grow, become the best they can be and deliver remarkable results. Leaders can grow in various ways, but those who enjoy working at Coca‑Cola HBC are…

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You inspire your team to achieve, realise their potential and feel good about their work. You are open to learning from your team and different thinking as much as you are devoted to supporting, inspiring and seeing them grow.

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You continuously explore new opportunities with persistence and determination to create another success story but are also able to quickly learn from mistakes.

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You enjoy dynamic, fast-pace and complexity. Staying ahead of trends in your team’s area motivates you. At the same time, you know that success is a result of genuine collaboration and team work.

Join our team

So, you aspire to lead the leaders. We will trust you with our secret ingredient – our people.

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Grow to be the best leader you can be

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Typical selection process

  • 1 After understanding that your profile and CV might be a good match for the position, we would have a brief initial conversation with you to get to understand your interest in the role and your qualifications.
  • 2 If we both agree to proceed, you’ll be invited to participate in an In-basket and/or role play experience that simulates a business environment, requiring you to make leadership decisions. After this you will have an interview with your future Line Manger. This experience helps us as well as you to learn more about your skills and approach and their match with the role you might take.
  • 3 In the final stage you might have conversations with group of stakeholders that will be working with you, all to understand how well will can work and grow together.

Patrick’s story

"At CCHBC, one day is never like another and I’ve learnt that in order to grow and succeed, you need to be flexible and ready for a fast-moving world, eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges."

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Benefits to your career

  • Accelerate your growth by leading the leaders You’ll enhance your leadership capabilities by working in a fast-paced, multinational environment – with exposure to an amazing portfolio, top leaders and global resources.
  • Make an impact You’ll be the one who influences the course and makes the step changes – making an impact on the business, your team and the communities in which we live and work. All leading to growth of yourself as a leader.
  • Your own path Whatever your ambition, ability and readiness, you’ll have many opportunities to grow further – whether that be cross-functional, cross-country or in our central offices. At your pace. Take charge of your career, choosing your own path as you go along. You’ll have the freedom to influence and shape your own role while bringing results and tasting success.

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So, if you want freedom to shape your role and inspire others, why not lead us?

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