At this company, every single person, across all departments, strives to achieve 110% together.

We all care about each other’s achievements and because of this, we strive to constantly challenge and motivate one another to do more. But we don’t just work hard, we also celebrate hard – which is really important!

In each new position, you have to change your behavior, skills, schedule – and this can require a lot of you – but at the end of the day you see results in your professional and personal growth. If you embrace the challenges, you can join the company without much experience and move up into new positions. It’s a big company and there are enormous opportunities here. You can move into any department, any position your heart desires. You just need to want it.

Konstantin Serbovka outside a CCHBC factory
The company prioritises teamwork and everyone is extremely proud of and motivated by team projects they get to be a part of. Konstantin Serbovka, National KA Manager, former Business Developer, Ukraine

At first I thought it was just by chance that I personally had encountered so many amazing people, but I soon realised it was the culture of the entire company. And that’s what I love about CCHBC – the culture in its entirety. Everyone who works here is challenged a lot but at the same time understands there are no limitations when it comes to your career path.

At CCHBC you’re encouraged to open your mind to the possibilities and innovations that could exist and figure out how you’re going to accomplish them. There are no borders in this company. Right now I feel like I’m just in the middle of it, not at the final destination – there’s a big journey ahead of me and I’m ready for whatever challenges or opportunities the future may bring.

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