Our 2018 Excel Leadership Development Programme ended on Friday after an intense final week in Budapest.

Leadership team at the 2018 Excel Leadership Development Programme in Budapest

It’s our flagship training programme, run over a 6 month period, with the initial module delivered by IMD. The project work in between focuses on providing the critical business and leadership skills required to support the continued growth of our business. It started out in 2001 with the idea to establish a benchmark for leadership and business skills for our senior leaders. Among the first intake that year were our now CEO, Zoran Bogdanovic and Naya Kalogeraki, our Chief Customer and Commercial Officer.

Each year the programme defines the big business challenges that we face, with a focus on finding solutions. Trainees present their project work, which has been developed under the guidance of a member of our Operating Committee (OpCo), with the recommendations then considered for implementation by OpCo in order to have the expected impact on the business. Through this process, senior leaders also learn about critical business topics outside of their area of expertise.

Zoran Bogdanovic said in his closing remarks that the programme reminds us of the need to never stop learning. This programme takes a huge time investment from the participants, but it helps set the stage for their continuous self-reinvention and personal growth, while driving long term growth for the business. Constantly striving to improve ourselves and believing that we can helps us stay relevant to our customers and consumers, but also to ourselves as leaders and our organisation.