Athens, Greece Wednesday 19 December 2007 - Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. (the “Company”), within the framework of the implementation of the existing stock option plans, adopted for its employees and those of its affiliate companies by the General Meeting of its shareholders (in accordance with article 13, para. 9, already 13, of Codified Law 2190/1920), announces the following:

1. The above Stock Option Plans of the Company have been adopted by virtue of the decisions of the Extraordinary General Assembly, dated 21.11.2001, and the Ordinary General Assemblies, dated 06.06.2003 and 17.06.2005 accordingly, pursuant to article 13, par. 9, already 13, of Codified Law 2190/1920. The Company’s objective is to encourage employees to identify with shareholder interest and to focus on the Company’s long-term growth.

2. The Board of Directors of the Company decided on 13.12.2007 the granting of 1,532,200 Stock Options to 49 of its employees and those of its affiliate companies, pursuant to the relevant decision of the Ordinary General Assembly of the shareholders, dated 17.06.2005, which had approved the granting of a maximum of 7,417,417 Stock Options. Each Stock Option corresponds to one (1) ordinary bearer share in the Company.

3. The exercise price per Stock Option granted by virtue of the above decision of the Board of Directors dated 13.12.2007, amounts to EUR 28.75, i.e. it is equal to the average value of the Company's share price at close of trading on the Athens Exchange over the last ten (10) working days prior to the respective decision of the Board of Directors granting the options.

4. The above Stock Options will vest over a period of three years and will become exercisable by 1/3 on the first anniversary of the grant date (i.e. on 13.12.2008); by 2/3 on the second anniversary of the grant date (i.e. on 13.12.2009); and in full on the third anniversary of the grant date (i.e. on 13.12.2010). The Stock Options will lapse on 13.12.2017, unless forfeited earlier as more fully described below.

5. Stock Options that have vested (but have not lapsed) may be exercised by the participant notifying such exercise to the Company’s Board of Directors and paying the exercise price to the special account kept by the Company. Following the above, the Board of Directors will resolve to increase the share capital of the Company and will issue a number of shares equal to the number of Stock Options exercised. Vested Stock Options may be exercised at any time, and in accordance with the relevant Greek legislation shares are issued under a stock option plan and delivered to the participants once per calendar quarter.