Water is a key focus area of Coca‑Cola HBC’s sustainability agenda, and water stewardship and responsible water use are at the core of our business.

In keeping with our sustainability commitments, and putting these into action, the Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) has completed the first phase of its Challawa Water Supply Project. The aim: to secure water availability for local communities in Kano, North-West Nigeria.

Kano is the commercial nerve centre of Northern Nigeria and is the country’s second largest city with a population of almost 10 million people. Due to the Sahelian climate of Kano State, ground water exploration is extremely difficult.  Drilling shallow wells on the river banks requires special techniques and highly technical experience in flood plain drilling.

In collaboration with the Kano State Water Board and local communities, NBC has installed HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipes in the area. These are flexible plastic pipes  used to replace ageing concrete or steel pipelines. Made from the thermoplastic HDPE its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bond make it suitable for the high pressure required to transfer the water from the Challawa River to the production plant, where it is sanitized to drinking quality.

The official handover ceremony took place on 22 August, in the presence of high-ranking Nigerian government officials and senior leaders from NBC, ahead of the completion of the entire project at the end of August.

“The Challawa project brings enormous value to communities on several levels. It is the first project initiative in Nigeria to support our 2025 water stewardship commitment, and it will make a practical difference in the daily lives of about one million residents of 20 communities in the Madobi area of Kano state.” George Polymenakos, General Manager, NBC
“Projects like this underscore the commitment and leadership position of NBC and Coca‑Cola HBC in driving and promoting key water and environmental stewardship initiatives. This project is yet further proof of our progress,” Zoltan Syposs, Group Quality, Safety & Environment Director

The Challawa Project resonates strongly with Coca‑Cola HBC’s 2025 sustainability commitments, which include helping to secure water availability for all our communities in water risk areas and reducing water consumption in water-risk areas by 20%.