Athens, Greece - 20 November 2009 – Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. (Coca‑Cola Hellenic, Hellenic) announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders dated 16 October 2009 resolved on the increase of the Company's share capital by an amount of Euro 548,111,772 through capitalization of reserves by increasing the nominal value of each share by Euro 1.50, i.e. from Euro 0.50 to Euro 2 per share, as well as the decrease of the Company's share capital, by an amount of Euro 548,111,772 through the decrease of the nominal value of each share by an amount of Euro 1.50, i.e. from Euro 2.00 to Euro 0.50 per share and return of an equal amount of capital to the shareholders in cash.

Following the abovementioned decrease, the Hellenic's share capital amounts to Euro 182,703,924, divided into 365,407,848 ordinary registered shares, of a nominal value of Euro 0.50 each.

The Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness & Shipping by virtue of its decision No Κ2-11161 12/11/2009 approved the amendment of the relevant article of the Company's Articles of Association. The Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange in its meeting dated November 19th, 2009 was informed on the increase and decrease of the nominal value of the Company's shares and the capital return effected through a cash payment of Euro 1.50 per share to the Company's shareholders.

Following the above, as of November 25th, 2009 the shares of the Company will be traded in the Athens Exchange with the new nominal value of Euro 0.50 per share and without the right to participate in the capital return of Euro 1.50 per share.

From the same date, the starting price of the Company's shares in the Athens Exchange will be adjusted according to the Athens Exchange Regulation and Decision No 26 of the Athens Exchange Board of Directors as currently in force.

Beneficiaries of the capital return are the shareholders who are registered with the registry of the Central Depository System as of November 27th, 2009. The date of payment of the capital return will be December 2nd, 2009 and will be effected through the bank National Bank of Greece which shall pay the respective amount as follows:

  • To the Operators of the shareholders' shares (custodians – brokers), if such right has been granted to them.
  • By crediting the respective amount to their account with the bank National Bank of Greece if the shareholders have appointed such bank as the operator in the Central Depository System.
  • Directly through the branches' network of the bank National Bank of Greece to the shareholders who have revoked the authorization from their Operator to collect the return of capital amount, or whose shares are kept at the Special Account of the HELEX, or whose shares are kept in non-show shareholders registries.


For the cash collection through National Bank of Greece branches' network it is necessary to present an identification card and a print-out of the data of the Code Number of the Shareholders' Registry in the Central Depository System. The collection of the capital return by any third party can only be effected following the presentation of an authorization-proxy, which should include the full details of the shareholder, as well as the details of the person authorized (name, surname, father's name, Identity Card number and Tax Registration number), accompanied by a certification of the shareholder's signature by a Police department or any other competent Authority. Following the lapse of a twelve-month period starting from the date of payment, that being December 3rd, 2010, the capital return in cash will be paid solely by the Company's Head Office (9 Fragokklissias str, Marousi).

For any further information the shareholders may contact the Investor Relations Department of the Company (Tel. , ).


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Coca‑Cola Hellenic is one of the world's largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company with sales of more than 2 billion unit cases. It has broad geographic reach with operations in 28 countries serving a population of approximately 560 million people. Coca‑Cola Hellenic offers a diverse range of ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages in the sparkling, juice, water, sport, energy, tea and coffee categories. Coca‑Cola Hellenic is committed to promoting sustainable development in order to create value for its business and for society. This includes providing products that meet the beverage needs of consumers, fostering an open and inclusive work environment, conducting our business in ways that protect and preserve the environment and contribute to the socio-economic development of our local communities.

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