Athens, Greece – June 9, 2003 – The Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. (ASE: EEEK, NYSE:CCH, LSE:CCB, ASX:CHB) which was held in Athens, Greece on 6 June 2003 took the following decisions:

1. Approved the Management Report by the Board of Directors and the Audit Certificate of the Chartered AuditorAccountant on the Financial Statements and activities for the fiscal year ended on 31.12.2002.

2. Approved the annual Financial Statements for the fiscal year ended on 31.12.2002 (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account Statement, Table of Distribution of Earnings, Schedule) and the Consolidated Financial Statements.

3. Released the members of the Board of Directors and the Auditors of the Company from any liability for their activity during the fiscal year ended on 31.12.2002.

4. Approved the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors for their participation in the meetings of the BoD and their services to the company for the fiscal year 2002 and pre-approved their remuneration for the fiscal year 2003.

5. Elected PricewaterhouseCoopers as the Certified Auditors for the fiscal year 2003.

6. Approved the distribution of a dividend of Euro 0.19 per share for the fiscal year 2002, with the date of the Meeting (6 June 2003) being the Record Date for payment of the dividend.

7. Approved the adoption of a stock option plan for executives of the Company and its affiliate companies, in accordance with article 13, para. 9 of Codified Law 2190/1920.

Coca‑Cola HBC is one of the world's largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company and has operations in 26 countries serving a population of more than 500 million people. The company employs more than 35,000 people and is listed on the stock exchanges of Athens, London, Sydney and New York.



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