Coca‑Cola HBC announced today that Croatia is its fourth market this year to launch a water brand in 100% recycled PET (rPET).

The launch of Römerquelle mineral water in the market in an rPET bottle follows recent  announcements in Ireland, Austria and Switzerland, where water brands Deep RiverRock, Römerquelle and Valser are now also sold in 100% rPET.

This year we have given more bottles more than one life with the launch of our 100% rPET portfolio as we work towards our sustainability commitments, as part of our World Without Waste vision, together with The Coca‑Cola Company.

The move into 100% rPET in Croatia will lead to a considerable reduction in our environmental footprint, as producing bottles from 100% rPET requires 70% less CO2 than that required for a bottle made from 100% new (or ‘virgin’) PET.  In addition, Instead of the Römerquelle brand, new bottle labels will feature the slogan “ZELENA S RAZLOGOM “ (GREEN FOR A REASON), which underlines our commitment to our communities while making it possible for  consumers to make sustainable purchasing choices.