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Coca‑Cola HBC Shows Employees How to Innovate with Digital

Coca‑Cola HBC recently hosted 90 colleagues from across the business at its first “Taste the Digital Innovation” Open Day at the CCHBC Tech Innovation Lab in Sofia.

NBC’s Water Stewardship Wins Global Recognition

The Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) recently became the first bottling plant in Africa to be awarded the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification.

‘Leaving no one behind’ on World Water Day

Today, 22 March, is World Water Day, the flagship event supporting the UN’s Sustainability Development Goal to ensure water for all by 2030.

Valser gets its fizz directly from the air

At our VALSER mineral water plant in Switzerland, we are testing a ground-breaking new technology, in a unique collaboration with the Swiss company Climeworks, which captures and recycles the CO2 we need to put the fizz in our drinks directly from the air.


World Cleanup Day

Hundreds of representatives from Coca‑Cola and Coca‑Cola HBC participated in coordinated cleanups on and around World Cleanup Day. See some of our country initiatives by clicking on the map.

Here’s to International Youth Day from all of us at Coca‑Cola HBC #YouthEmpowered

As we celebrate International Youth Day, watch this video to see how we at CCHBC have been supporting youth in our markets.

Royal Bliss premium mixers expand into Coca‑Cola HBC markets with targeted HoReCa campaign

To strengthen our position in the fast-growing adult sparkling and mixers category and enable us to tap into an exciting new growth area, we’re rolling out the Royal Bliss range of premium mixers in four Coca‑Cola HBC markets. In collaboration with The Coca‑Cola Company, seven Royal Bliss flavours will now be available in Austria, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.

Water is our business

Today is World Water Day. Read Marcel Martin’s article on how we are continuing to lead the way on Water Stewardship, and remain on track to achieve our 2020 water targets.

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