The Danube Eco Parks we’ve been developing across Serbia don’t just provide young people with a place to relax and have a good time. They’re also where you can find out more about protecting the environment and why preserving the largest and most important river in the country really matters.

The park is our gift to the people of Novi Sad. It’s part of our ongoing support for the annual Danube Day celebrations and has been delivered in partnership with the City Administration, NALED and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).



Opening ceremony for the Coca-Cola Danube Eco Park in Novi Sad, Serbia
The Coca‑Cola Danube Eco Park was opened at Sunny Quay in front of several hundred young Novi Sad residents

The park is all about raising awareness around the preservation of the Danube and has been developed in line with the highest environmental standards.

Both those invited to the opening ceremony and regular visitors to this popular walking area commented on how the park has enriched Novi Sad by providing an oasis where people can both relax and learn about environmental protection.

Today, my grandson’s learnt what an LED lighting system is and what recycling is all about – all in a simple and understandable way. It’s great that now we have a place where I know that he and his friends will play, but also that he’ll learn something useful – about preserving the Danube river. Vedrana Pavlovic, a pensioner who lives near the park


Yasserstain, the popular local YouTube star, took part in the opening ceremony with a performance that highlighted the significance of preserving the Danube, the living environment and the park itself.

We are proud to have brought together so many Novi Sad residents, especially young people, who are delighted by the park, and that our investment will motivate them to contribute to the preservation of the Danube river basin. Jovana Tufegdžić, representative of the Coca‑Cola System in Serbia

The Danube Eco Park in Novi Sad joins those we donated to Obrenovac and Sombor in 2015. We plan to develop seven more Eco Parks in the Danube basin in Serbia.