How does it feel to set a Guinness World Record? Just ask the Bulgarian team from Coca‑Cola HBC.

It was Bulgaria’s Commercial team who came up with the idea: the world’s largest figure made of glass bottles. The day before the team’s Commercial conference, more than 550 employees worked as ONE through bad weather to construct it. The result was officially verified by Guinness World Records - it was ten times larger than the previous record, set in Tokyo in 2014.

  • 72,933 empty glass bottles used in construction
  • 250 sqm covered by the bottle
  • 19 tons the weight of the world's largest figure made from glass bottles
Giant bottle made of empty bottles
2016 was a record-breaking year for the core brands in Bulgaria. Inspired by these great results we decided that it would be great to ‘formalise” our records. This is how the Guinness idea came about: because Guinness World Records is the official place for all great achievement. Nikolay Todorov, the main organiser of the Commercial conference 2017

A world record for a community cause

The initiative was dedicated to one of Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria main community priorities – youth development. The commercial conference took place next to Varna city, which has been recognised as the European Youth Capital 2017 for its commitment to the development of young people. As part of this successful record attempt, we organised a fundraising campaign to support Varna – European Youth Capital 2017.

Achieving a Guinness World Records title is an impressive event by itself, but what adds an even bigger value to it is the community element. I’m happy to see our employees working together to support young people and the local community of Verna. Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria