Coca‑Cola HBC has been recognised as one of only 12 companies implementing approved, science-based, carbon emissions targets – combining premier products and service with breakthrough, sustainable business practices.

Global challenges require truly global commitment and, at Coca‑Cola HBC, we take those commitments to heart. And as a result of our dedicated efforts to combat climate change, Coca‑Cola HBC has been recognised as one of only 12 companies implementing approved, science-based, carbon emissions targets – combining premier products and service with breakthrough, sustainable business practices.

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), 2014/2015 saw more than eighty percent of the world’s 500 largest companies establish emissions reduction or energy-specific targets. In December 2015, the Science Based Targets initiative announced that 114 companies had committed to setting ambitious, science-based, emissions reduction targets. At present, only a handful of companies – globally, and spanning all industries – are able to show that they have set approved, science-based, carbon emissions targets. 



  • 7.8% year-on-year reduction in direct and indirect carbon emissions
  • 1st in the industry for carbon reporting (Carbon Clear Report)
  • 1st in the industry for sustainability (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices)

At Coca‑Cola HBC, we strive continuously to minimise our environmental impact with an eye to bringing about the adaptation and progress critical for inspiring a better, more sustainable future.

In 2014, we successfully reached 7.8 percent year-on-year carbon reduction (direct and indirect). Additionally, out of all companies listed on the FTSE 100 Index, the Carbon Clear Report ranked Coca‑Cola HBC first within the drinks industry − and eighth overall − for carbon reporting. Our emission reduction goals are aligned with the latest climate models to ensure that our activities help to realise the decarbonisation pathway to limit average global temperature by 2°C. 

Our commitments

Being named the sustainability leader in the beverages industry by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for a second consecutive year, heightens our obligation to raise the bar even more.

We have pegged our carbon reduction goals to the prevailing rates recommended by climate scientists, in order to limit the worst impacts of climate change. In addition, we continue to maintain and build our commitments to the We Mean Business Coalition, the Caring for Climate Business Forum and the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) COP21 Conference in Paris. 


  • 50% our 2020 target for reducing direct carbon intensity against our 2010 baseline
  • 25% our 2020 target for reducing total value chain emissions against our 2010 baseline

We have committed ourselves to reducing direct carbon emission intensity by 50 percent by 2020, and to reduce total value chain emissions by 25 percent per litre of produced drink – against our 2010 baseline. And that’s only the beginning. We have also developed internal challenges by setting internal carbon prices high enough to materially affect investment decisions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions. This, we have undertaken in tandem with efforts to develop additional supporting cold drink equipment and packaging targets in 2016.

Our long-term vision

Industry leadership requires big ideas, and big ideas require firm resolve – setting enterprising targets, developing comprehensive plans across various countries, and demonstrating year-on-year, solid progress. We haven’t only set science-based carbon reduction targets for our direct operations and throughout the entirety of the value chain, we have also developed country specific plans as part the core policy agenda for each country’s business process. We enlist a world-class team dedicated to carbon and water reduction at Group level, as well as carbon and water champions in each of our 28 countries of operation.

In February 2016, our recognition as one of the first 12 companies with approved, science-based, targets illustrates the massive investment we have made towards carbon reduction across the whole of our organisation, coupled with fast and high quality decision-making processes, bolstered by rapid implementation and brought together with unified performance.

These targets contribute to Coca‑Cola HBC’s long-term vision towards a low-carbon, thriving economy reflective of the diversity of the world we all wish to save for the future.