Learn more, apply knowledge and move on – #DiscoverDevelopSucceed


The implementation of the unique Coca‑Cola Youth Empowerment programme to support young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina began in Sarajevo on September 4th. During September, 200 people will took part in the program, 100 in the Sarajevo region and 100 in the Banja Luka region. Apart from acquiring self-development and self-assessment skills, program participants had the opportunity to learn about time management, project management, communication, negotiation and sales skills, business planning as well as financial literacy.

Participants were greeted and wished success on behalf of Coca‑Cola HBC Adria by Country Sales Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Darko Šaravanja: “Youth unemployment is among the biggest problems of our society. More than 63% of young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina are without work. We are aware of the position of young people in our country, especially those who are looking for work. On the one hand the lack of competencies required by modern business is a problem, as is the inability to acquire such competencies through practical experience. As a socially responsible company, Coca‑Cola HBC Adria provides with the Coca‑Cola Youth Empowerment programme those who have the desire and will to work, to improve their skills and distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. With this programme, we want to contribute to the employment of young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina and help resolve one of the most significant issues of our society.”


On the first day, 50- participants from the first group of attendees will actively work on developing personal skills and the following three days will be dedicated to intensive training on business skill development. The program is designed to providing a synergy effect through theoretical knowledge combined with practical exercises, which is realised by experienced mentors from all Coca‑Cola system sectors providing voluntary project support in cooperation with excellent lecturers.

The Coca‑Cola Youth Empowerment program is designed to recognise, develop, strengthen and motivate attendees by making them more competitive on the labor market in areas with the greatest interest for this sort of education. The project has brought together relevant and educational institutions, the non-governmental sector, projects and other companies actively involved in youth employment and providing support to young people in the labour market. The Coca‑Cola Youth Empowerment program lasts four weeks under the slogan “Discover, Develop, Succeed”. The foreseen training duration is four days for every group and attendees are divided into four groups of 50 participants, which is the optimal number for following and participation in trainings of this type.



A close up on a few students participating in a YE event in Bosnia, Thessaloniki