Coca‑Cola HBC recently hosted 90 colleagues from across the business at its first “Taste the Digital Innovation” Open Day at the CCHBC Tech Innovation Lab in Sofia.

The aim? To equip its employees with the tools they need to thrive in a business environment where transformation, connecting people, products, ecosystems and innovative ideas is vital to success.

The event, organised by CCHBC’s Business Systems & Solutions (BSS) team, with the support of global technology leader Infosys, exposed delegates to some of the latest technology innovations. The purpose behind the strategic collaboration with Infosys was to showcase emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation. The value of these to CCHBC includes, for example, helping to significantly improve the quality of processes, as they aid in solving critical business problems. This ensures the company can offer customers, consumers and partners the best results.

This event demonstrated how multiple innovative technologies can be used to support our strategy and achieve our objectives. They not only ignited the spark of innovative thinking but also showed how we could apply these technologies in our business. Kiril Traykov, BSS Digital Innovation Manager
Innovation is important no matter what the industry. Being able to improve existing business practices is vital for the growth and continuity of an organization. This is especially true in the highly competitive beverage industry, where creativity and innovation can be one of the most cost-effective ways to set your brand apart from your competitors. Amith Patalay, Client Partner – Retail, CPG and Logistics at Infosys

Latest solutions on display

Six dedicated booths showcased the latest industry solutions through hands-on product demos. These included: empowering employees with digital experiences; AI-enabled smart supply-chain; experience the store of the future; transforming the consumer shopping experience; next-gen data & analytics.