Dobry juices and nectars have been voted Russia‘s favourites for the sixth consecutive year.

In 2015, 24.1% respondents to the survey, run by the Online Marketing Intelligence (OMI) research company, preferred the Dobry brand.

OMI’s ‘favourite brand’ research has been conducted in Russia since 2008, with more than 200 Russian and foreign brands taking part every year. The aim of the project is to establish Russians’ favourite brands in different goods and services categories. Well-known brands in Russia, including Coca‑Cola, Apple and Auchan, were also listed among the 2015 winners.

We are very grateful to all the people who choose our juices and nectars for the sixth year running and consider Dobry their favourite brand. We treat the products produced at Multon plants with care and attention. Our juices, nectars and morses are completely natural, with the natural fruits and berries characteristics preserved in them maximally. Probably that's why the majority of Russians named Dobry their favourite brand. We'll do everything necessary to justify the trust and love of Dobry consumers in 2016 too. Eugenia Khoprichenkova, Marketing Manager, Multon

About Dobry

Dobry’s 100% juices, nectars and morses have been produced in Russia since 1998. Dobry is the number 1 brand for awareness and consumption*. The high quality of Dobry products is confirmed by the national and international awards the brand has won: "Best for children", "People's choice brand", "Brand of the year". In 2015 Dobry was awarded the "Product of the year" prize in the "Natural juices and nectars" category for the ninth time.

The Dobry brand doesn’t just take care of the taste and quality of its juices and nectars, but also cares for society, helping to make the world work a little better. The "Raising the Good" programme, which works with orphaned children, is one of the social initiatives funded by the sale of every Dobry pack. In 2015 "Raising the Good" was working in 31 orphanages in eight regions of Russia.


* Calculation partially based on data from Nielsen's reports on audit of retail in the Juices category and in the juices, nectars, and juice-containing beverages segment for the period of December 2014 – November 2015, actual for the Juice market in the Russian Federation as of 25 January 2016 (Copyright © 2016, ACNielsen LLC).