Volunteers from Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine and its stakeholders came together to commemorate 25 years of Coca‑Cola in Ukraine... by founding a park.

There’s a story about an old man who planted a tree. His grandson asked “Why do you plant this tree? You won’t see its fruits and won’t enjoy its shadow”. And the old man answered: “But you'll be around”. Constantinos Spanoudis, General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine

On 8 April 2017 the Coca‑Cola family in Ukraine came together at the Kiev Coca‑Cola plant to celebrate the company’s annual Green Day by founding a park to mark the 25th anniversary of Coca‑Cola in Ukraine.

Coca-Cola HBC Ukraine General Manager Konstantinos Spanoudis digs a hole
Constantinos Spanoudis, General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine, and the head of the local administration at work

In his opening speech, Constantinos Spanoudis, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine, warmly thanked everyone who joined the event and noted: "This day is indeed very special as we open a cycle of events to celebrate 25th anniversary of the Coca‑Cola growth story in Ukraine. What we do today, this small park that we're initiating, that’s what will endure after us for future generations to enjoy." 

There are five reasons why this year’s Green Day will be remembered by everyone who was there.

1  Say hello to the future

The park created by Coca‑Cola HBC’s employees is the first of a series of events to mark the 25th anniversary of Coca‑Cola in Ukraine. 250 trees and bushes were planted as an investment in the future, a symbolic “hello” to the future generations of employees and visitors who come to the Coca‑Cola plant in Kiev.

2  Record-breaking crowds

This Green Day saw the largest number of participants gathered together in one place in Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine’s history: 334 volunteers from head office, plant, warehouse and Kiev branches, as well as their families.

Coca-Cola HBC Ukraine volunteers work together to prepare ground for trees

3  A warm welcome to all

Other groups also took part: children­ from the local “Hope” orphanage which Coca‑Cola supports, local authority representatives and members of ICPDR (the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube), Coca‑Cola HBC's partner across 17 countries in the Danube Day initiative. Local administrators allocated a plot of land to use for the park, and ICPDR presented six sakura (cherry blossom) trees from the Danube tributary basin where Danube Day is celebrated in Ukraine.

4  Taking a tour

The Green Day was held near Kiev’s Coca‑Cola plant, creating the perfect opportunity to explore Coca‑Cola Visitors’ Center and to take the plant tour. Over 120 employees and their families did so.

Volunteers plant trees at Coca-Cola HBC Ukraine's Green Day

5  Triumphing over the weather

This year’s Green Day will be remembered for the worst weather in the event's 12-year history. Despite the heavy rain, stormy wind and sudden cold - after a very warm week - everyone was committed and inspired to make a contribution to the future.

We celebrate Green Day here today, at our Kiev plant, but by the end of this month Green Day will roll out across the whole country, and we expect that over 400 our employees with their families and friends in the regions will come out to make their contribution to a brighter future. Constantinos Spanoudis, General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine