At 3,530 km, the Volga is the longest river in Europe. Coca‑Cola HBC Russia has been working in partnership with the WWF on the Living Volga Project to conserve and rebuild the river's resources for over 10 years, making this one of the most important environmental projects in Russia.

On 20 May, the people of Russia's Volga region joined forces with Coca‑Cola to celebrate Volga Day and to help to conserve nature on the river’s banks.

Girls taking part in Living Volga dance

Volga Day has been celebrated since 2006. It's become a great opportunity for people to find out more about the unique features of one of Russia's great rivers, as well as to learn how to use water responsibly.

Over the years, the Living Volga project, the brainchild of our company, has held special lessons, creative competitions and roundtable discussions on water conservation issues in the Volga basin. These activities have brought together citizens, Coca‑Cola System employees and local government officials. It's crucial that it's not just up to major companies to become involved in water conservation - the general public needs to be part of it too. The key purpose of Living Volga is to educate people about environmental issues and to encourage them to be environmentally responsible.

A steadily growing number of people are involved in the project’s educational events and programmes. This year, we have added a brand-new format: an online eco lesson. This is a special website for 7th-11th grade teachers. High school teachers registering on the website can access a treasure trove of information and teaching aids to help them organise fun, interactive lessons about the importance of conserving the resources of Europe’s longest and most beautiful river.