Our Ambassadors programme sees our people stepping forward to champion Coca‑Cola HBC and our products. Meet some of our ambassadors and hear what they have to say.

Three Coca-Cola HBC Ambassadors
Jovana Tufegdzic, Coca-Cola HBC brand ambassador
I think I became a true Coca‑Cola Ambassador after working on my first team project, after I experienced my first Family Day and when I participated in my first volunteer action. It was then that I became immensely proud of being a member of such a large and authentic family. Jovana Tufegdzic, CSR Supervisor, Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro
I enjoy drinking our products and sharing them with others to show that they are healthy and safe and they bring happiness. When I confidently drink our products I notice that this inspires others to enjoy our brands. Alisa Gorbunova, RED Analyst, Coca‑Cola HBC Eurasia
Being an avid bicycle rider for many years, I decided to design my own gear bearing the Coca‑Cola Hungary insignia. I wear it with pride, showing where I belong to. I’ve also put a Coca‑Cola sticker on my car and I am careful so that my driving is in line with our safe driving policy and that I set a good example for others to follow. Andras Balazs, Commercial BSS Leader, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary
Being a Coca‑Cola Ambassador is like being a parent. Parents are supposed to set an example that can be followed not only by their children, but by all family members. Parents should also defend their children if needed, be there for them unselfishly, trust them and be proud of their achievements. Robert Grünwald, National Field Sales Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary
Dimitris Stathopoulos, Coca-Cola HBC brand ambassador
Being on the front line, I am always ready to react to inaccuracies about our company and set the record straight. Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon is like a family to me. I am committed to always protect and stand up for my family! Dimitris Stathopoulos, BSS Service Desk Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Greece & Cyprus