Our focus is simple – to reduce sugar wherever we can. We’re always looking for ways to find alternatives without compromising the great taste of Coca‑Cola that people know and love.

So how are we doing it? In 2016, we reduced sugar in more than 200 of our drinks globally. Today, more than 1,100 of drinks we make have reduced or no sugar. We’re also making drinks that are more nutritious; filled with vitamins, minerals and protein, as well as natural and organic ingredients when possible.

But let’s not forget flavours, because that’s where the fun is! We’re always introducing new flavours around the world to keep people excited about our drinks.

A CCHBC infographic on sugar reduction.

What goes inside our bottles is only half the equation. That’s why we’re also taking actions ‘outside the bottle’.

Firstly, we’ve designed smaller, more convenient packaging. People now have more options of size – making it easier to control added sugar consumption.

We’ve also made sure each bottle or can has clear, easy-to-find nutritional information on all our packaging to support informed choices.

Also, The Coca‑Cola Company’s ‘One Brand’ global marketing strategy, launched in 2016, highlights the lower and no-sugar versions of Coca‑Cola, while bringing attention to the company’s commitment to choice – offering people the Coca‑Cola drink to suit their taste – with or without sugar.

Lady holding Coca-Cola can
  • 200 In 2016, we reduced sugar in more than 200 of our drinks globally
  • 1,100+ More than 1,100 of drinks we make have reduced or no sugar
  • 1.7m 1.7 million women enabled through our 5by20 initiative

Discover some of the highlights of The Coca‑Cola Company & Coca‑Cola HBC’s 2016 Sustainability Report

In 2016, we launched a new business strategy that focused on reducing sugar and evolving our drinks.

With this strategy, we managed to; source sustainable sugar for our drinks, donate $106 million across more than 200 countries & territories and enable 1.7 million women through our 5by20 initiative.

But that’s just the half of it. Watch the video below to see the full story: