The Cola-Cola Company and Coca‑Cola HBC have formed a unique, cross-functional team of senior leaders to work closely with our countries to drive category growth in our Water & Juice business.

Water and juices provide great opportunities for the growth of our business. To embrace this opportunity we have created the Water & Juice team - a system team composed of senior leaders from both The Coca‑Cola Company and Coca‑Cola HBC.  

Led by Alain Brouhard, Water & Juice Business Director and member of Coca‑Cola HBC’s Operating Committee, this team of senior cross-functional leaders focuses on delivering water and juice solutions to our countries.

Alain Brouhard, Coca-Cola HBC Water & Juice Business Director
Since its formation in 2014, the Water & Juice team has focused upon simplifying, standardising and providing solutions to grow profitable water and juices from an end to end perspective. It has been an evolving journey and we are committed to our objective - to be recognised as a source of knowledge and solutions in both categories. Alain Brouhard, Water & Juice Business Director

The team works mostly with countries in Central and Southern Europe, aiming to support and contribute to each country’s strategy, action plan and business results, consistently adding value and ensuring growth in the water and juice categories.

The W&J team looks to create cross-functional value from marketing, finance and supply chain. It is already paying off. Water and juice categories have strongly contributed to our growth story, both top and bottom line, throughout 2015.