Socio-economic impact study

As a strategic bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company, operating in 28 countries, we are aware that our impact on society is significant.


We also value the importance of our suppliers, distributors, retail associates, The Coca‑Cola Company as a brand owner and all our other partners in the value chain.

Through the socio-economic impact studies which we perform in each of our markets together with The Coca‑Cola Company, we  understand how our activities benefit economies and societies and our total contribution is to the domestic economy, local communities and employment.

How the Group SEIS data were aggregated

Based on the local SEIS reports from our markets, we performed an aggregation (i.e. simple addition). Furthermore, we included sustainability KPIs and the overall CCHBC footprint, data as reported in the 2019 IAR.

For the local SEIS reports, we utilise the input-output model, which follows the financials of the System as they flow through the economy, creating ripple effects across various sectors. The input data utilised are our financial data (revenues, expenses, taxes, sales volume and profits) as well as some further data from The Coca‑Cola Company.

The input-output model enables an assessment of three key dimensions, i.e.

Direct: immediate System effect in terms of employment, wages and output;

Indirect: subsequent System effect in the supply chain;

Induced: effect caused by System/ supplier staff spend on goods, services.


  • The numbers presented are aggregated based on the local SEIS reports from CCHBC territories in the period 2016-2019;
  • All KPIs represent an annual impact;
  • Where applicable and relevant in local SEIS, the impact of other entities of the Coca‑Cola System is included;
  • All presented data cover CCHBC territories only.