About our commitments

As a company we are continuously evolving our portfolio to help create a healthier food environment.

We are reducing sugar in many of our drinks to help people meet the World Health Organization daily added sugar recommendations, providing clear and easy to understand nutritional information, offering smaller serving sizes and maintaining our longstanding commitment to responsible marketing.

Close up of a glass of iced tea

1. Offer low or no-calorie drink options in every market

To give greater choice, we’re providing more diet, light and zero-calorie drinks in our portfolio. We’ve already reformulated many of our drinks to contain less sugar and fewer calories – for example, Sprite and Nestea with Stevia (a herbal sweetener) now contain up to 30 percent fewer calories. We have committed to reduce added sugar per 100 ml of sparkling beverage in EU and Switzerland by 10% by vs. 2015. In addition, we plan to reduce by 25% the calorie content per 100ml of sparkling soft drinks across all our markets, by 2025.


2. Provide transparent nutritional information, featuring calorie information on the front of all our packages

We make key nutritional information visible on front-of-pack labels on our bottles and cans. Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labels provide at-a-glance information on calories, as well as on sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt content. At the end of 2018, we introduced, on a trial basis to several of our markets, new front-of-pack labelling, building on the current European-wide Reference Intake (R.I.) monochrome model, which reflects the nutrient content per 100ml of our drinks for sugars, salt, fat and saturated fat through a simple ‘traffic-light’ colour scheme of red, amber, green.

Coca-Cola advertising on a cable car

3. Market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world 

We are committed to marketing responsibly wherever we operate, across all advertising media and for all our products, especially when it comes to marketing to children.

To help us achieve this, we comply with The Coca‑Cola Company’s Global Responsible Marketing Policy and are signatories to the Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA) responsible marketing and school sales commitments.