Nutritional labelling

As a System, we have long believed in the importance of providing people with clear, simple and meaningful front-of-pack information that can help support healthier and more informed food choices.

At the end of 2018, we introduced a new front‑of‑pack labelling, on a trial basis, in several markets. This builds on the current Europe-wide Reference Intake (RI) monochrome model with a system that reflects the nutrient content per 100ml of our drinks for sugars, salt, fat and saturated fat through a simple ‘traffic-light’ colour scheme of red, amber, green. It’s also identical to a scheme that is established throughout supermarket shelves in the UK and Ireland, and that we are proud to have voluntarily supported since 2014.

We’ve gained lots of positive experience in the UK and listened closely to the feedback from nutritionists, academics and consumer groups on this labelling scheme. After lots of discussions, we believe it’s important we now understand in real-life the difference that these labels can make to understanding, awareness and shopping behaviour.

We will be trialling them across a sample of our wide portfolio including our Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite brands. We will publicly share our learnings as part of the EU-led process of assessing different labelling options for Europe.

Our work in colour-coded labelling began based on the finding from a 2017 OECD Obesity Update that "'traffic-light' systems have the potential to increase the number of people selecting a healthier option by about 18% and lead to a 4% decrease in calorie intake."  We continue to firmly believe that providing people with simple information that allows them to choose the right products for them can help support healthier diets, and we will publicly share the learnings we gain from our trials as we proceed.